The Minnetonka Story


Born in a Gift Shop

It began in 1946. Americans took to the open road – they’d pile in their cars and take any highway west. They sought natural wonders and roadside attractions and returned home wearing Minnetonka moccasins.

Gift Shop Treasures

Minnetonka moccasins were sold alongside gift shop mainstays such as china, glassware, American travel postcards, and many more treasures. Customers could find mocs for a starting price of $3.80.


The Thunderbird Moc

Introduced in 1955, the iconic Thunderbird moc features the legendary creature considered a supernatural bird of power and strength.

Evolution of an Icon

The Thunderbird moc began as a gift shop staple and became a worldwide fashion favorite during the 1980’s Urban Cowboy trend. Today this product is an anchor in our collection that bridges the past with our present.

1960's ‐ 70's

Summer of Love

Hippies redefined American identity through individuality. Fringe and moccasin styles became one way in which they expressed themselves.

A Style for Every Spirit

The Classic Fringe moc hit shelves in the summer of 1967 and provided an outlet for men and women alike to demonstrate their independent spirit through style. It has remained a cherished style for five decades and counting.


Cultural Influence

The western trend became popular in Europe based on a fascination with American culture and western styles. The trend caught on in the U.S., leading to the Urban Cowboy fad (based on the hit movie!) and propelling Minnetonka to the forefront of fashion as a must-have item.

The Driving Moc

From western style to performance vehicles, in 1986 we introduced our first driving moc. Young men and women discovered they were not only a driving go-to, but the perfect comfortable fashion statement paired with the popular stonewashed jeans of the era.


From Mocs to Sandals

With over four decades of dedicated Minnetonka customers, demand led to the creation of our sandal collection. The styles were modeled after design elements popular in the mocs and boots.

The Silverthorne

Introduced in 2002, the Silverthorne has become the most popular sandal in our collection. It comes in over 10 different colors and fabrics, allowing many options for our customers to wear on any occasion.

2000 - 2010

Bohemia is Back

All the way from worldly music festivals to the feet of top models and Hollywood actresses, Minnetonka styles led the way as an essential for the boho chic lifestyle.

Boots with Fringe

Originally introduced in 1967 (during the summer of love), the Front Lace Knee Hi Boot made a resurgence in the mid-2000’s. This unique style continues to be a top choice for influential fashion leaders and trendsetters.


Around the World

Where they used to be seen as an accessory for a subculture, Minnetonka products have become fashionable for everyday. Travel the world and you will find Minnetonka in over 50 countries around the globe.

Evolve with Purpose

We remain a proudly independent, 4th generation family-run business that is dedicated to preserving the unique hand craftsmanship of our products. Our sustainable employment practices ensure that we’ll continue to produce the highest quality products for generations to come.

"The relationship people have with their Minnetonka’s is special and distinct to each individual, and we are proud to have been able to help create these unique experiences since 1946."

- David Miller, 3rd Generation CEO

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